Responsibilities of the Outreach Team include activities such as:

  • Assist this congregation in learning about the purpose and means for sharing the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ with all people by both word and deed. 
  • Plan and/or assist with programs of outreach in the region, community, and within the congregation. 
  • Maintain up to date brochures and information about the congregation and life of the church. Develop means for distributing this information. 
  • Develop and implement the plans for church publicity including but not limited to advertising strategy. 
  • Develop the means for welcoming visitors and encouraging newcomers to participate in the life of the congregation. 
  • Work with church boards, committees, and teams as needed to positively impact the outreach of the congregation. 
  • Offer learning experiences where the techniques and skills of evangelism and outreach are learned and sharpened. 
  • Offer opportunities that encourages this congregation to be actively involved in sharing the Good News with others. 
  • Utilize existing ecumenical and interfaith relationships to enhance Christian witness and effectively carry out larger scale programs.